What happened to me? Why could I not teach for a while? When can I start again?

I have been doing Capoeira (Brazilian martial art with acrobatics) for over 20 years. 13-14 years ago I tore both my knee ligaments during a competition. Since that I could no longer run, I was immediately operated on my right knee, it was a long healing process and during this time I discovered Zumba as my great passion. The left knee was never operated on because my doctors said that my leg muscles were so well developed that an immediate operation was not necessary.

Until an accident on 16.09.2023 at a virtual party with friends, everything was going great and I never had any pain or problems with my left knee.

I twisted my ankle that day. After a week or two off, I started training again and during a class it became clear how serious the injury to my left knee was. I had torn the inner meniscus and torn the outer meniscus, which was very painful and made it impossible to walk stably. An operation was therefore absolutely necessary and on October 18, 2023, the doctor operating on me decided that my cruciate ligament also had to be replaced. Tendons were cut out of my thigh, processed and reinserted as cruciate ligaments.

As tendons have a very slow blood flow, healing takes much longer.

Before my operation I had hoped to be able to start again slowly after 2-3 months, but when she told me that the healing could take 6-12 months I was very frustrated and didn’t want to see or talk to anyone. In addition, I put on 10 kilos in the first month after my operation, which didn’t do my mental health any good, which is why I withdrew and didn’t want to talk or write about my situation.

But I’m slowly getting better and my knee is also healing well so I can imagine being able to slowly (very slowly) start again soon. But we’ll see when my doctor gives me the OK

What will happen next?

Just like the last few months, Antonia Natascha will continue to give the virtual live classes every Tuesday at 6:30 pm until I am fit enough to start slowly again. As soon as my knee allows it, I will start giving Zumba Gold classes here on my website until my knee is fully recovered again and I can give Zumba Fitness classes.

Thank you all for your support in the last time, i am very grateful for every single message and can't wait to see you all again.